Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reply From San Antonio

The other day I posted a reply I received from TPWD that proved to be a dead end. So far I have not had a response from Minnow Films or Bexar County. I sent an email to what I thought was the SAPD because I sent it from their website. Apparently it got filtered somehow and ended up at 311 Customer Service. It didn't take long for someone to get back to me, and I must say that Texas agencies reply very quickly. The response I received was this:  
Thank you for contacting the city of San Antonio. The type of information you are seeking would be available by conducting a survey through the San Antonio Police Department. Please call the Records division at 210-207-7598 for information on how to order this survey. Have a good day.
I don't live in, or around San Antonio but if someone does, and they wish to try, the number is above. My email was worded vaguely with no mention of Bigfoot.
 I was looking for more information on the Tent Video and tried different key words. To my surprise I came upon an ad listing posted by BIGFOOTTRACKER.COM. I have no idea how old the ad is, there is no list date shown and the website itself seems to lack any useability. I'm not saying this has anything to do with the video or Minnow Films, but this is a Rick Dyer blog so it gets added to the archives. Maybe one of the many sleuths out there will find a connection and put the ad in to context. Ad


 There are a few cities with the name Rogers, and there is one in Texas. It's only a two hour drive from San Antonio.


 One last thing. Does this look like a guy who really has a dead Bigfoot? Yes, I am biased and yes, I think he's hoaxing. If this video doesn't get rid of the hiccups, nothing will.

Racer X

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